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Securing your success

Phantera secures, encrypts and transfers your data

Our APIs are replacing server-based data transactions with decentralization-based technology developed by the 4-Soft company.

We offer two types of APIs integration:

pre-development implementation and API integration on existing software.

Data decentralization

Our APIs directly encrypt any kind of data using our own Y-GEN protocol. Any data sent through our APIs are secured from the getgo.

Unmatched speed

After two pilot projects, we managed to decrease the time of encryption and transfer to 45% the speed of server-based transactions, while simultaneously encrypting and decrypting the data packages.

All data types supported

Our system works on any kind of data type, from txt. files to unrecognizable ones, we have you covered.

Development ready

Our APIs work on plug and play system, so developers can use our APIs just like they are using server-based data transfer APIs now.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We have developed our system with speed, security, and reliability in mind.

With that being said, the Phantera system was in testing since 2019, lived through two different pilot projects, on two different blockchains, both extremely successful.

The system we are offering on the market will be running on its own specially developed blockchain, optimized with speed, security, and flexibility in mind.


Our development team will be adding more APIs to the API market as time goes on, from banking-based ones to communication ones.

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